We are very pleased to welcome you to Corrimal Region Uniting Church. As you dip your toe in to test the waters of this church, some questions that may be on your mind are ‘Is there a place for me to belong here?’ or ‘How can this church help me grow spiritually?’ What great questions to start with!!

One of the mottos of the church is ‘Connecting with God and Community’. Let’s break this motto down a little bit:

  • An important aspect of belonging and growing spiritually is going deeper in connection with God through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Another important part for belonging and spiritual growth is the support and encouragement that comes from connecting with the church community.
  • We also grow together, and we grow spiritually with God, through connecting with and serving the local community and beyond.

On this website you will find ways of going deeper with God, and of connecting with the church community and local community. Together with God, we will also find new ways.

Our hope is that together we will help one another belong and grow spiritually – that we will build one another up in faith and love, sustain one another in hope, and together engage in a fuller participation in Christ’s mission in the world.